Note: It is possible to play this game on mobile devices in both vertical and horizontal orientations especially if full screen mode is turned on within the game. But, it is recommended that you add this site to your home screen for the best experience, especially on iPhones.
Share a screen locally or remotely to play a friend using a classic formation.

3 Knights vs 3 Knights. See if you can take down the AI.

The Armies of Order vs The Seed of Chaos
"Armies?", the general spits in disgust. "We were one army sent by his royal highness, Brutus Rageous. The dark circle sensed the presence of a dragon and we were sent to find and destroy it. Obviously, the magi are worthless against dragons. But now I wish they were here. I mean, it wasn't hard to find. Lightning does not usually strike the same place over and over again. You can see it over there. Obviously, it's an egg, tough as a boulder like they all are. But it's like no egg we've ever encountered before. You named it well. We tried to destroy it, but a madness came over the men and they started attacking each other! Chaos where there used to be a well trained and orderly army. And the nightmares... a white dragon, quicker than any dragon I've ever seen. I never signed up to battle nightmares. See if you can get this sorry lot to work together and slay that beast 'cause I'm outta here.

SPOILER ALERT: Chaos is not completely random. Learn the mind of chaos here for help on finding a winning strategy!